My Blog Past and Future!

The Downstairs Library.

The Downstairs Library.

This website is my new blogging home. I am doing the unthinkable and starting anew. Some content is moved over. But most of my past work is archived here. As you may know, most of my writing has been in the parenting and family space. I have been sharing other meanderings-- thoughts and ideas-- at Gina Carroll Has Something to Say.  Same meanderings here. I will continue to share my stories and the stories of others.

New Year, New Ways. 2017 brings a new book, A Story that Matters, and new business, Story House LA, and a new way of helping people get their stories written, Inspired Wordsmith's New Online eCourses. Yay! Very excited. This new blog is the only one of these three projects that has launched. So please stayed tuned and rest assured, I will keep you posted! I sincerely hope you find something useful here!


Gina Carroll