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The Spark

“A Story That Matters will help spark your creativity and give you helpful hints at all stages of the writing process.” 

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Art Won't Wait:

5 Cultural Must-Dos in Houston This Fall

By Gina L. Carroll

"We are ready to be transported, elevated and inspired by our cultural seers and purveyors."

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"There is something magical and enduring about the written word."

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" There’s nothing that changes the world like a great story, and A Story that Matters is the priceless blueprint to telling your own."


Top 10 Writing Guides for Aspiring and Seasoned Authors

A Story that Matters at the #1 Spot!

Soul Sciences Podcast

"In her book, A Story that Matters, Gina L Carroll gently and clearly draws readers toward creating their own memoirs. In this interview, she touches on topics of mothering, siblings, the craft of writing memoir, her favourite authors and more."

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Looking for tools of the trade, inspiration, and tips to help improve your craft?

"Every life has thousands of moments worth sharing, and Gina's beautifully written book will give you the confidence to write and publish your own."

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THE SPARKS' Big Little Books Coming Out in May

"For the aspiring writer or memoirist who can’t quite muster the courage to put pen to paper... These are hands-down the most powerful and possibly life changing pages you’ll cherish this summer."

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I've Raised a Houseful of Millenials.

Why Family Stories Matter

by Gina Carroll

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Storytelling is a Superpower

By Gina Carroll

"When you share your story with your reader, you have the power to envelop them with your experience."

Why Habit and Ritual are Important to Writers (and How to Create Your Own)

By Gina Carroll

"In order to bring forth your best life stories in their highest form, you must treat your writing as a creative process and think of yourself as an artist."

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portraits of style: gina, 54

by Karen Walrond

11 Books Every Dad Will Love This Father's Day

11 Books Every Dad Will Love This Father's Day

"A Story That Matters is ultimate biographical blueprint for putting life’s story on paper in the dazzling way dad deserves. We vote A Story That Matters the most important event for aspiring writers in 2017."